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With our unique combination of decades of experience and partnerships throughout the academic and commercial worlds, we are pleased to offer advice and consulting in a variety of natural source water related fields world wide.

With the networking resources of the Spas Research Fellowship we can access expertise in the disciplines required for a water related development as well as identify individuals with specific skills. Individual consultants tend to specialise in their own specific areas of expertise and it is not until detailed project management is under consideration that a view can be taken as to what is required and when. For this reason we recommend that our consulting interface is based on a project coordinator who then resources specific expertise as and when required. Where appropriate we charge either an ongoing retainer or a consulting project fee. Examples of the expertise often required in progressing a project to a successful conclusion include:

Tourism - policy and management and area regeneration

New Spa Development - location, infrastructure, consumer proposition and marketing

Countryside Recreation industry - international structure, accreditation and quality standards

Natural Source Waters - exploitation and enterprises

Spa Heritage - investigation and resource evaluation

Market and Consumer research project work

Rural Issues - economic and landscape change in the countryside

No two projects are the same and commissions are customised to suit the particular circumstances. Our projects are confidential unless agreed otherwise. Before developing a project proposal, we seek a “no commitment” discussion and appraisal.

We believe in personal contact throughout with our Project Director Dr Bruce E Osborne, who will be pleased to meet for the initial discussions, as well as steer the project to a successful conclusion.

For further information and initial enquiries please contact:

Spas Research Fellowship
Tower House,
Tower Road,
KT20 5QY.
01737 213 169. srf@thespas.co.uk