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The following early list of springs and wells follows a roughly anticlockwise tour of the hills. There are now more than 130 celebrated sites catalogued. These are detailed in the 2012 book "Celebrated Springs of the Malvern Hills" by Bruce Osborne and Cora Weaver. For further information go to:

where updated information pages on 130+ individual sites can be searched and "Celebrated Springs of the Malvern Hills" can be purched by clicking on BOOKSHOP.

KEY - For a description and pictures of each site click on the name.

The blue backgrounds indicate a site where water is present. It may not necessarily be accessible for drinking or be running all year however.

1 Hospital Fountain

2 Railway Station Fountain

3 Court Road Spout

4 Poolend Spout

5 Barnards Green Fountain

6 Lord Sandys Spout

7 Harper's Yard Pump

8 Hampden Fount

9 Pickersleigh Trough

10 Link Station Fountain & Trough

11 Temperance Drinking Fountain

12 Ivy House Spring

13 Perrins Well Head

14 Link Top Pump

15 Osborne's Fountain

16 Lodge Spring

17 Stocks Drinking Fountain

18 Clock Tower

XX Charles Morris Spount

XX North Malvern Spring

19 Earl Beauchamp's Fountain

20 Cowleigh Road Pump

21 Roman Spring

XX Mystery Spout

22 St Augustine's Holywell

23 Danzell Spring

24 Westminster Bank

25 St James' Churchyard

26 West Malvern Spout

27 Park Road Spout

28 Upper Dingle

29 Lower Dingle

30 Beacon Spring

31 Park Farm

32 Hodges Spring

33 Hay Slad

34 The Royal Well

35 Royal Spa Spring

36 Limekiln Spring

37 The Wyche Spout

38 Willow Spring

XX Stone Bottle Fountain

39 Original Primeswell

40 Ballard's Spring

41 Moorall's Well

42 Gardiner's Common Spring

43 Kettle Sings Well

44 Evendine Spring

45 Malt House Spring

46 Winds Point

47 The Pewtriss Spring or Primeswell

48 Chance's Pitch

49 British Camp Wells

50 Walm's Well

51 Owls' Hole Spring

XX Roman Rock Spring

52 Ditchford's Well

53 Goat Spring

54 Devil's Well

55 Holy Well

56 The Eye Well

57 Cottage in the Wood Spout

58 Tyrol House Fountain

59 Jubilee Fountain

60 Brockhill Spring

61 Golf Club Spout

62 Gothic Well

63 Railway Tunnel Spring

XX Aqueduct

64 Lower Wyche Spout

65 Jasmine Spring

66 Weavers Well

67 Dripping Well

68 Ellerslie Fountain

XX St Werstan's Holy Well

69 St Ann's Well

(69) Old Moses Folly

70 Happy Valley Spout

71 Rosebank

XX Foley Fountain

72 Malvhina Spout

73 Enigma Fountain

74 Bottling Works Spring

76 Tudor Baths Well

77 The Hay Well

(77) St Agnes Well

78 Ward Jackson's Fountain

79 Wilson's Fountain

80 Grindrod's Fountain

81 Piers Well

82 Chalybeate Spring

83 Promenade Gardens

84 Swan Pool

85 Priors' Vineyard Spring

86 Rose Gully or Back Lane Spouts

87 Jacob's Fountain

XX The Myrtles Fountain

The above numbered list is from the book Springs Spouts Fountains and Holy Wells of the Malvern Hills, where more details about the history and location of each site can be found. One or two additions have been made to the original list, these are marked XX. Click on the Friend (right) for the updated SITE INDEX on www.malvernwaters.com where you can also go to our Malvern Bookshop.

copyright Cora Weaver and Bruce Osborne