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The world's original and leading internet search facility for mythology, natural springs and grottoes both historic and current and associated subject matter. Click the logo above to view the Grotto.Directory - it's out of this world! Or go to MalvernWaters.com for a vast range of landscape subjects related to the Malvern Hills.

MARKETING RESOURCE - Internet Search is the most potent form of marketing - targeted at those who are actively seeking specific types of services and facilities. The Fellowship's unique databases and search facilities provides this oracle.

MASSIVE VOLUME - Our web sites have demonstrated that site traffic has exceeded six million hits moving annual total.

TARGETED ENQUIRIES - Searchers on Grotto.Directory or Malvernwaters.com have an overall interest in mythology, natural waters and springs, historic spas and grottoes. The specific needs of the information seeker are then refined through our unique search facilities that trawl our data warehouses. Enquiries generated are as a result, accurately tailored to the customer requirements.

CONSUMERS - Potential explorers find our web sites are an easily searched, international web resource that gets them the information they want about the subjects that they seek.

TIME TESTED - Our web sites are the original web search facility for source waters, grottoes, and related matters. This is as a result of an on-going program of research that progressively adds new data to our web sites. The data warehouse and search criteria are continually refined and enhanced by Paul Clevett of nbtafelberg who developed and provides the web site. This enables the Directory to keep abreast of developments and changes in expert opinions and knowledge. Because of this the Fellowship has stood the test of time.

The world saw our first data warehouse go live in 2000, after extensive user research and two trial sites had proven the principal. There followed several years of innovation and development, resulting in the Directory going international. Access to our services including the Directory is totally free for anyone with internet access. Twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, the Fellowship is making the world a more integrated, intellectually stimulating place.

ENQUIRIES - contact the Fellowship by email grotto@thespas.co.uk or by 'phone on +44(0)1737 213169

By post - The Research Fellowship, Tower House, Tower Road, Tadworth, Surrey. KT20 5QY United Kingdom

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Consult the Oracle - it's out of this world!