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Who are the Spas Research Fellowship?

Motto: Knowledge and Truth

The Research Fellowship promotes education, research and scholarship into all aspects of the heritage and modern day utilisation of natural waters, mythology and landscape.

The Fellowship provides assistance and guidance in the conducting of research and the promotion of the findings.

The Fellowship is a forum for those interested in all aspects of waters, mythology and landscape and who wish to explore this fascinating area of human activity and culture further.

The Fellowship is non-profit making and is run by a voluntary Committee of Fellows. Funding is generated by a variety of activities including research projects, academic courses and conferences, donations, consulting and advice, publishing and grants.

The Fellowship has extensive resources, both human and documentary, that can be applied to specific projects including access to extensive and unique archive material, tourism expertise, specialist data banks, and interaction with the private sector, trade associations and academic networks.

The Fellowship most importantly, is impartial, being independent of any direct commercial enterprise or trade-funded interests.

The SRF was formed in 1998 as a furtherance of the interests in tourism and health resorts at the University of Sussex Centre for Urban and Regional Research. It is not a club with a newsletter and regular social meetings, rather a collective forum in the form of a Society for developing members' interests in the field of natural waters, grottoes, spas and health resorts and a variety of related subjects.

There are various ways of "taking the waters" with the Research Fellowship. Contact us with details of your specific issue and then we will suggest the best approach to a possible interface.

What is a Fellow of the SRF ?

A Fellow is a full and active member of the SRF, is over 18 years of age and will have demonstrated academic achievement or practical experience in relevant fields. Fellows have a voting entitlement at Annual and Special General Meetings and form the governing committee.

There are a number of rules regarding the conduct of Fellows of the SRF. These include use of the logos, correspondence on behalf of the SRF, personal liability and penalties for bringing the SRF into disrepute. These rules are incorporated in the Constitution, which is available for inspection.

When a new Fellow is confirmed, special provisions may be needed to accommodate the funding of a specific project. These are tailored to suit the circumstances.

Applications for Fellowship should take the form of a letter addressed to the SRF, in which past relevant achievements are mentioned together with details of projects that might be undertaken under the auspices of the SRF. It is expected that prospective fellows will already be well known to SRF members before application, having been Associate members for at least two years.

To enquire further about working with us contact the Research Fellowship at Tower House, Tower Road, Tadworth, Surrey. KT20 5QY UK or email srf@thespas.co.uk