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Spectacular Places And Scenery - SPAS Research Fellowship - (SRF) - www.thespas.co.uk

The SRF is a non-profit making Fellowship that promotes education, research and scholarship into all aspects of the historic and present day utilisation of mineral waters, mythology and landscape. The Fellowship provides a forum for the conducting of such research and the dissemination of the results.

As you will see our activities are far ranging, worldwide, and include grottoes, springs and wells and spa heritage as well as modern resorts. We disseminate much of our research work through our publishing interests, which include books and papers as well as web publishing. Our occasional major conferences attract key players in the industry.

Our GREAT BRITISH GROTTO GRADING scheme is becoming an ever important identity for our consumer services.
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The grotto.directory uses a sophisticated encyclopaedia database management system to enable grotto sites to be searched on the internet. This is enhanced by the Great British Grotto Grading scheme run by the voluntary group, the Minstrels of Mythology. The directory is the original web search facility for grottoes, is unique and is a world leader.

A number of our resources are of unique value to the industry. We hold the largest known library of mineral waters and related subject books. We also conduct overseas study tours that are featured in the media.

The Research Fellowship seeks to support and work with other tourist trade and consumer organisations to further the cause of recreation and health care worldwide related to natural waters.

The Malvern Waters web site is a unique database and search engine specifically designed to promote the activities of the Friends of Malvern Springs and Wells and to provide information and news about the springs and wells of the Malvern Hills. The Research Fellowship supports the range of activities associated with Malvern Waters, having been participant with research and development of the theme over the last 20 years.

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The activities in Malvern England have resulted in an international project to bring the hand of friendship to the 24 Malverns world wide. With the support of leading community figures in the various Malverns, interaction is encouraged throughout the Malverns indentified on the web site accessed by clicking the globe above.

Other projects on the same web site includes subjects directly related to Malvern waters including the Droitwich Canal restoration, gold prospecting in the Malvern Hills and elsewhere, Epsom waters, the Springs and Fountains of the River Wandle and much more. To view the site click on the logo above.

Springs and wells related to grottoes are featured on our relevant on-line Directories. For more details click on the grotto.directory logo or go to malvernwaters.co.uk.

Through our Water for Health scheme we seek to promote of the use of natural source waters for therapeutic and recreational purposes. The Research Fellowship aims to offer a comprehensive advice service to the industry. For more information click menu top left on “Water for Health”.

Our web sites have been devised and are provided by Paul Clevett of nbtafelberg. Since inception they have received many prestigious awards and these are now displayed in our Awards Gallery (click menu top left).

And for those who wish to embark on our mythology programme, click the oracle right and discover the Astrospa Almanac. Alternatively click on Ancient Mysteries on the menu top left to view a range of papers related to ancient belief systems.Click here for SPAGAZERS ASTROLOGY

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To contact the Fellowship:
E-mail srf@thespas.co.uk

Mailing address:

Spas Research Fellowship,
Tower House,
Tower Road,
Surrey. KT20 5QY
United Kingdom

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